4 Electrical New Year’s Resolutions for Manufacturers

4 Electrical New Year’s Resolutions for Manufacturers

As the new year begins, now is the time to start executing your New Year’s manufacturing resolutions. These are the commitments that you plan to make for the next 12 months that will drive productivity and growth for your organization. Planning ahead and making sure your operations have strategies to eliminate downtime is critical for the long-term success of your manufacturing organization. Here are 4 electrical New Year’s Resolutions that all manufacturers should consider in 2021.

  1. Perform Any Outstanding Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Without proactive Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM), your facilities and equipment are susceptible to electrical issues that can lead to expensive repair costs, production downtime, damaged equipment, and loss of product. At Suburban, we offer a comprehensive Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM) Assessment and perform diagnostics on energized and de-energized equipment in your facilities. Using one of our thermographic cameras, we identify hotspots and connections that require immediate maintenance. Your operations are essential, and Suburban wants to ensure your production lines can stay up and running.

  1. Review Your Most Recent Arc Flash Analysis

An arc flash can pose serious threats to your equipment and employees, resulting in injury to your workers and the destruction of your electrical systems. There are a variety of reasons why an arc flash can occur, but most of them are identifiable and preventable. At Suburban, we prioritize safe work practices and apply that expertise to analyze high-risk arc flash areas in your electrical power system.

  1. Improve Electrical Safety on the Manufacturing Floor

Industrial workers are surrounded by potential electrical hazards, which makes following safety procedures critical. In addition to an Electrical Preventative Maintenance Assessment, there are many ways to improve electrical safety in the industrial workplace. At Suburban, we partner with our industrial clients to ensure their facilities and equipment are up to code and operating safely and efficiently. Improving overall plant safety starts with simple tasks such as providing your team members with the proper electrical PPE and training and making sure to not overload outlets. It can also include more complex steps such as a complete redesign of your plant’s electrical infrastructure. Suburban is there to help every step of the way to protect your equipment, facilities, and most importantly your team members.

  1. Reduce Your Facility’s Energy Consumption

Energy is one of the highest costs of doing business in the industrial sector. By performing a thorough assessment of how your business uses power, you will find there are many ways to improve efficiencies in your operations while also providing significant cost savings. One thing to consider that is often overlooked is replacing your old fluorescent or incandescent lighting fixtures with LED bulbs and lamps. LED bulbs use approximately 25% of the energy required of a standard lightbulb. At Suburban, we help our industrial clients exceed their energy saving goals by working closely with Focus on Energy and providing a wide range of energy design and control solutions.

We hope all manufacturers find these tips helpful as you look to meet your organization’s operational and production goals in the new year. We wish everyone a safe and successful new year from all of us at Suburban Enterprises!

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