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Modular Electrical Equipment Builds

Modular electrical equipment builds are a great solution for any new project when new or additional electrical equipment is required, electrical systems are in a remote area or space is limited. Suburban’s modular electric equipment builds include prefabricated modular assemblies that are built with ready-to-use electrical infrastructure that can be quickly transported to any job site or facility. These assemblies are loaded onto a pallet or skid for fast and efficient delivery, where a large modular unit is hoisted into place by crane, resulting in a reduced project timeline as well as increased safety. All of Suburban’s modular electrical equipment builds are custom designed, tested and inspected before installation to ensure optimal equipment performance.

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Custom Kitting

Suburban Fabrication has the resources and expertise to create custom kits containing the components required for any project. Suburban’s custom kitting solutions are uniquely tailored per room, area, floor or building and are all pre-wired and pre-labeled ensuring an easy and efficient installation process.

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Temporary Power Solutions

Suburban is here to provide safe, code-compliant temporary power solutions to meet your uptime needs for high power project demands or critical facility backup. Suburban offers a wide variety of overhead and underground temporary power solutions including generators, mobile power centers, power poles, transformers and more.

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Electrical Box Assemblies

Suburban’s in-wall rough-in electrical box assemblies are all pre-assembled and kitted per room, area, floor or building to fit your unique project needs. Our electrical box assemblies provide an easy, expedited installation process resulting in improved job site efficiency to help meet tight commercial and industrial project deadlines.

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Underground Duct Banks

Underground duct banks are a great solution to conceal, protect and consolidate electrical and technology cabling underground to create centralized paths. Suburban’s underground duct bank systems are all designed and preassembled in-house and are ready to be installed via crane or forklift for any size project.

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Cable and Wire Assemblies

Suburban is here to provide custom cable and wire assemblies uniquely tailored towards your project goals and needs. Our pre-wired electrical whips are used for lighting and power distribution for equipment in commercial and industrial facilities and range from multi-conductor, RF coaxial, wire and cable harnesses, flat ribbon, medium voltage cables and more.

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Suburban Fabrication Careers

Current Openings At Suburban Fabrication There are currently no job openings at Suburban Fabrication. View all job opportunities at Suburban Enterprises. Suburban Fabrication Electrical Prefab

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Suburban Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services Modular Electrical Equipment Builds Modular electrical equipment builds are a great solution for any new project when new or additional electrical equipment is

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Suburban Fabrication

Suburban Fabrication Suburban Fabrication continues to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing custom, industry-leading manufacturing solutions. Suburban’s skilled Fabrication Team has the experience and capabilities to be your

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