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Are you ready to take control of your safety and independence as you age? Introducing the game-changing device that could be your lifeline in emergencies: the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). In a world where autonomy is cherished, and quick assistance is crucial during crises, Suburban Technology’s PERS is your answer. Get ready to discover the extraordinary benefits that come with this essential gadget.

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    Quick Emergency Response: Accidents can happen at any time, but with a PERS, help is just a button press away. Whether it’s an unexpected fall or a sudden medical issue, the wearable device allows you to immediately connect with a U.S. based monitoring center or a designated contact who can dispatch the necessary assistance, such as paramedics, a family member, or a caregiver. This rapid response can significantly reduce the time it takes to receive aid, potentially saving lives and preventing further complications.

  • Peace of Mind for Loved Ones: PERS not only benefits the user but also provides peace of mind to their loved ones. Family members and caregivers often worry about their aging parents or relatives living alone. By having a PERS, they know that help is readily available should an emergency arise. This knowledge can alleviate stress and allow everyone to breathe easier.

  • Independence and Confidence: One of the greatest concerns for individuals as they age is the fear of losing their independence. With a PERS, seniors can mIn Home Cellular PERSaintain their freedom while feeling secure. Whether it’s performing daily activities, going for a walk, or pursuing hobbies, the knowledge that help is easily accessible promotes confidence and encourages individuals to remain active and engaged in their lives. This sense of independence is invaluable for boosting overall well-being and quality of life.

  • Versatility and Convenience: Suburban Technology offers different options for our PERS customers. This flexibility allows users to choose the option that best fits their needs and personal preferences. Moreover, our wearable PERS are completely waterproof and can function in the shower, bath, or outside during inclement weather. This will help to ensure round-the-clock protection wherever you may be.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: When compared to alternative options such as assisted living or round-the-clock caregiving, a PERS is a cost-effective solution that offers peace of mind without a substantial financial burden. It allows individuals to age in place and remain in their familiar surroundings while still having access to immediate help during emergencies.

Personal Emergency Response Systems are the key to preserving independence while ensuring swift help is always within reach. Whether you’re a senior looking for yourself or a concerned family member, embracing a PERS is a decisive move toward fortifying safety and tranquility.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or with any questions. At Suburban, we have a dedicated team of knowledgeable individuals who are able to answer any questions you may have about PERS. We’re dedicated to prioritizing your security and well-being above all else.

Stay safe and take care!

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