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Our Promise

Promise To Our Partners

At Suburban, our promise is to deliver remarkable customer service by listening closely and truly understanding our customers’ needs, so you’re fully satisfied, and every need has been met by the completion of the project. Every detail matters. It starts with making YOU an integral part of our process and working together to achieve a common goal. Suburban’s team of skilled electricians and technicians understand that each project is unique and provide innovative, custom automation, electrical, fabrication and technology solutions that result in increased productivity and energy efficiency, long-term cost savings and improve the safety of your facilities and machinery – helping protect your biggest investment, your team members. Ultimately, our process entails coming up with the best ideas and the right solutions together, because only then can we deliver on our promise to provide the services you need to accomplish your goals.

We view all our clients’ as a trusted partner and treat each of them like an extension of our business at Suburban. We believe we have a moral and ethical responsibility to act as a steward of the investments in your business. These relationships are developed over time by genuinely having our customers’ best interests in mind and continuously delivering on our promises. At Suburban, we are committed to out-performing and over-delivering in every aspect of each project by focusing our time and resources on preparation, focus, effort, persistence, attention-to-detail, and determination.

What Do Our Partners Say?

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Suburban. See what Suburban partners have to say about their experience working with our team and how we helped benefit their organization.

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