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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Electrical Work

Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Project

While DIY projects can be a great way to save money, there are some tasks that are better left for the experts. Electrical work is one of them.

Any person attempting to tackle electrical projects without the proper training should know that it’s a dangerous process if you don’t have the professional experience and tools to handle the work.

Here are 4 reasons why the experts at Suburban Electric highly recommend that you DON’T perform DIY electrical work on your own:

1. No Permit to Perform the Work

First, you should keep in mind that electrical work requires permits, since permits ensure that the work performed is done to code and up to safety standards. Attempting to handle the electrical work yourself and without permits could result in you being fined. Also, you may later have to pay for a professional to handle redoing the electrical work in your home, corporate building, or manufacturing company.

With regard to homeowners, later if you decide to sell your house, you’ll have to consider that unpermitted electrical work is a red flag for potential buyers. Long story short, ensure that your electrical work is backed up by a permit to ensure a peace of mind and safety of everyone in your business and home.

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2. Potential Fire Hazards

Next, you should consider that DIY electrical work leaves the door open for potential fire hazards. Electricity is powerful, and if not handled correctly, it can be dangerous since it can cause electrical fires.

An electrical fire is caused by factors such as 1.) faulty, outdated wiring, 2.) overloaded circuits, and 3.) improper grounding. Note that issues such as faulty wiring can sometimes even be difficult for an experienced electrician to locate and fix, so it’s better for the safety of everyone to have a reputable electrical contractor handle these issues upfront.

3. Risk of Electric Shock

In addition, keep in mind that electrical work can be a complicated process, and there’s a possibility of electric shock if you’re not careful and/or have limited knowledge of the work you’re performing.

Electric shock can be deadly. You need to have a professional skillset, along with the proper tools and equipment to handle the work properly. Professional electricians have years of training and are certified, having the proper equipment to keep themselves safe while working with electricity.

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4. Possible Costly Future Repairs

Lastly, while DIY electrical work can seem like a good idea now, it may lead to costly electrical repairs in the future. For example, if you don’t perform the work correctly initially, it can lead to electrical fires or damage to your home’s electrical system.

You may end up with expensive repairs and even the need to replace your entire electrical system. It’s better to have certified professionals handle the work for you. Take a look at the article here about your house showing signs of having a major electrical problem to find out when it’s time to reach out to a certified electrician.

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Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Project

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In conclusion, electrical work is not a DIY project, since it requires extensive training, experience, and the proper tools and safety equipment to make sure the work is done properly. We always recommend that you hire a local electrician to handle all facets of your electrical work. This includes brand new installations, repairs, routine electrical maintenance, and service and support. Find out more here about when you should have electrical maintenance performed for your home or business.

Suburban Electric has been serving our valued clients since 1960. Besides electrical work, we also provide industrial, commercial, and residential automation, fabrication, and technology solutions. Our electrical services range from EPM assessments and machinery installations to industrial and commercial electrical services. We can even provide services for winterizing your business, surge protection, generator maintenance, emergency electrical services, and more.

Questions? Contact our team today or schedule a service request! Suburban Enterprises is committed to quality in all the work that we do.

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