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Your Safety. Our Promise. Everyone's Future.

At Suburban, returning our team members home safely to their families each day is our core value, always. We invest a significant amount of time and resources to ensure the safety of our team members by providing hands-on workshops and trainings, ranging from first aid and CPR, to hand and power tool safety, as well as common hazards such as electric shocks, ladders, falls, trips, and cuts.

Our Safety Team ensures we provide every team member with the appropriate personal protective equipment, and offer continuous safety training via weekly Toolbox Talks, jobsite safety audits, pre and post job discussions, as well as on-the-job feedback. These contributions are all key components to Suburban’s robust safety program and have helped make Suburban one of the safest places to work.

Suburban’s award-winning safety program is an integral part of our business and made possible by contributions from all our team members, along with our Safety Team working toward our safety goals. Our goal is always to achieve zero workplace accidents, as we operate under the mindset that every accident is preventable. Workplace safety is a journey, and we are always striving to reach higher than the industry standard.

Our commitment to safety processes and training are reflected by our yearly incident rates, which continue to be lower than the industry average.

Suburban's Safety Achievements

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