Photo of Staff Member Cindy at her Desk

Cindy M.

Executive Assistant

I chose to work here because?

Suburban Electric has opportunities to grow, as a professional and individual. The amazing mentors that have provided guidance is one reason why I work here and why I chose to be part of the Suburban Team.

Suburban believed in me, gave me my first chance and invested in me and for that, I am choosing to commit and invest in the company.

How does it challenge you?

Talk Straight, Deal Straight. There are bad and stressful days but all the good days, make it worth it. The challenges are endless – in a good way. If I didn’t have the challenges in my role, this job would be boring. All I can say is that no two days are ever the same but that’s when we GET AFTER IT!

What is your career path?

5-Year Goal: Senior Executive Assistant/Office Manager – mentoring, coaching and managing all admins within the organization.

10-15 Year Goal: Director of Business Administration

At the end of the day, I go home..

Looking forward to the next day.

Emegency Service

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