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When Should I Have Electrical Maintenance Performed?

When Should I Have Electrical Maintenance Performed?

When Should I Have Electrical Maintenance Performed?

Electrical switchboards, central to the distribution of power in residential and commercial buildings, are integral to every aspect of our lives. We rely on them for work, leisure, and general living. Consequently, even a minor power disruption not only impedes our daily routines, but also potentially presents serious electrical risks.

As such, regular maintenance is critical for ensuring their consistent and power-efficient operation. We detail more in our 3 reasons why you should schedule electrical maintenance article.

Beyond switchboards, electrical wirings and components also hold the potential for faults. Over time, insulation and fixtures wear out from daily use, and left unchecked for long periods of time, electrical emergencies may even occur.

Not only that, but a malfunctioning electrical system could harm appliances and equipment operating within the circuit. It’s important to understand the frequency of electrical maintenance and the benefits it offers.

Let’s talk about how often you need an electrical maintenance service:

When to Conduct Electrical Maintenance

Regardless of the age of your home or business, regular electrical maintenance is strongly recommended. At Suburban, our residential and commercial electricians can keep your electrical wirings, appliances, switchboards, fittings, and earthing connections up-to-date with a yearly electrical maintenance checkup.

Remember, electrical maintenance is not a task for the untrained. Professional help, such as that from licensed electrical repair contractors or your local energy distributor, is essential. Find out more here about whether it’s legal to do your own electrical work. While a maintenance service should be scheduled out yearly, a biannual check can also be beneficial.

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Suburban Electric’s Maintenance Services

How can our electricians help you? We provide biannual and annual electric services:

Biannual Maintenance

Here’s what to expect if you’re hiring our electricians for biannual maintenance service. We:

  • Inspect all aspects of your electrical system: Comprehensive inspection of meters, indicators, and instruments to ensure they are functioning correctly.
  • Check for unusual noises or vibrations: Any signs of abnormal noise or vibration from devices could be due to loosened bolted connections.

Schedule a biannual electrical maintenance service here!

Annual Maintenance

At the very least, your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing property requires an annual maintenance checkup. During the annual review, our electricians will perform an in-depth examination of the entire electrical system.

We will check for:

  • Overheated connections: Check for any discoloration of insulation. If there is, it could signify overheated connections that require immediate attention.
  • Secure connections: Make sure that all cables have secure connections.
  • Control wiring: Check to see if there’s any signs of wear or damage to control wiring.

Post-Maintenance Procedures

After a maintenance check, a qualified electrician will carry out several steps to ensure everything functions normally:

  • Diagnosis: Removal of any fault conditions before operating circuit breakers
  • Cleaning: Ensuring everything is in order and no damaged wires are present
  • Mechanism check: Verification of the operation mechanism of circuit breakers
  • Insulation test: Conducting an insulation resistance test before restoring switchgear service

Recognizing Electrical Issues

It’s important to note that not even modern homes are exempt from electrical risks. As such, it’s critical that you have a professional electrician conduct electrical maintenance after significant weather events, such as severe storms. (To help protect from damage from storm-related power issues, you should make sure that you have a surge protection plan in place. Learn more in our how surge protection works article.)

Other signs that you may need electrical maintenance include frequently blowing fuses or lightbulbs, regular power outages, flickering lights when using appliances, and the presence of damaged cords and older style plugs.

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The Advantages of Electrical Maintenance

Investing in regular electrical maintenance can yield numerous benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs: Regular checks by a qualified electrician can enhance your electrical system’s efficiency, lowering your energy consumption and, consequently, your bills.
  • Protection of appliances: Regular maintenance ensures your appliances are safe from potential electrical damage.
  • Hazard safety: Regular checks can help prevent electrical fires by ensuring all power sources, installations, electrical lines, and outlets function correctly.
  • Occupant safety: Maintenance checks can also prevent accidents like electrocution and fuse explosions, thereby ensuring the safety of all occupants.

Why Choose Suburban Electric for Your Electrical Maintenance Needs?

Regular electrical system maintenance is a necessity for every household, business, or industrial company. Ensuring that power flows smoothly and without interruption is crucial to our daily lives.

A biannual and annual maintenance schedule performed by a reputable electrical contractor includes inspections for all appliances. It also guarantees that all faults are diagnosed and repaired. This ensures safety from electricity-related accidents for every employee, customer, or member of your family.

Suburban Enterprises is proud to have served the Fox Valley community for more than 60 years. We have decades of electrical maintenance experience under our belt, and are skilled in machinery installation, EPM assessments, generator maintenance, electrical panel replacements, and winterizing businesses.

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